New Mixtapes This Week!

Wazzup Blog World! Let me say that this is my 1st blog and to be truthful, I don’t know what in the hell I’m doing! LOL

Anyway, this blog (and future blogs) are all about the world of & the crazy things in getting it off the ground. We have been around for a little over a year and we’re getting the hang of this. Myself, I’ve been spinning records since the 80s and I can say I’ve had some good experiences. But with we are looking to expand the idea of a mixtape website, giving more for the DJ & the customer.

I’ll also be writing on a frequent basis.. more like a diary, just detailing the madness that goes in my daily routine. Not much happened today… let’s see.. I woke up about 10am, had the bubble guts from eating Oreos the previous night.. handled that! Then, umm.. had a few visitors, hit the streets… spent too much money.. came home and decided to tackle this blog thing. Later, I’m going to get drunk, eat some new flavor of Jell-O & watch a movie.

Please leave any comments… good, bad, whatever.. like I said this is the start of my blogging…

Oh yea about the new mixtapes available:

DJ Mark Xclusive: Xclusive R&B 18 – Ya know.. new R&B shit!

DJ Mark Xclusive & Busta Rhymes: Xsclusive Collaborations – a whole CD of collabs with the collab king Bussa Bus..

DJ Mark Xclusive & DJ Supastar Jay: Hip Hop VS R&B – These two mixtape giants go at it with the latest joints.

Tapemasters Inc & DJ Envy: Purple Codeine 15 – More flavor from the Purp series, hot new exclusive joints.

DJ Chuck T: UGK VS Outkast – What can I say.. RIP to the legend Pimp C, Chuck T sets the tone for southern supremacy with this.

DJ Chuck T: Three Six Mafia VS 8 Ball & MJG – I don’t know who to pick on this one either, true living legends on these CDs…

Don’t forget we update all the time!! Check us out..


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